My primary research centers around computational 3D/4D imaging and display. The main objective is to develop versatile tools that can bridge the gap between computational techniques and physical systems. The ultimate aim is to surpass the constraints of existing computational imaging techniques and potentially break through the physical limitations, which includes:

  • Differentiable Optical Imaging: Re-configurable / co-design computational imaging systems
  • 3D/4D imaging: Holography, Light field, Coherent Diffraction Imaging (CDI), Ptychography, Microscopy
  • 3D display: Light field display, Holographic display, Holographic Optical Elements (HOE virtual reality display)

Selected opensource code

License: GPL v2 License: MIT

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  • 2019~2021, Co-PI, 面向AR视觉增强的全息再现质量提升研究, Chengdu Science and Technology Commission.
  • 2019~2021, Co-PI, Study on multi-dimensional holographic microscopy, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission.
  • 2018.01~2020.12, Main Participant, Sino-German Cooperation Group on Computational Imaging, The Sino-German Center of National Science Foundation of China (NSFC).
  • 2018.01~2020.12, PI, Study on hologram synthesis of real 3D objects under incoherent illumination, National Science Foundation of China: 61705241.
  • 2017.09~2018.09, PI, the Young scientist exchange program between Korea and China, National Research Foundation of Korea.
  • 2017.05~2020.04, PI, Development of photographic based high-resolution holographic technologies, National Science Foundation of Shanghai: 17ZR1433800.
  • 2016.08~2021.07, Main Participant, Study on ultra-depth imaging in complex medium, Key Research Projects of frontier Science of Chinese Academy of Science: QYZDB-SSW-JSC002.