I am a transdisciplinary optimist interested in quantifying, exploring, and understanding light wave and object interactions through a combination of hardware and software, with a focus on computational 3D (or complex wave field) / 4D (space-time domain) optical imaging and display. I achieve this by incorporating computing into acquisition / processing pipelines, either genetically by new hardware and designs, or computationally by advanced algorithms, or both.

To this end, I develop general tools that enable us to solve fundamental issues in optical imaging, span four different yet connected aspects in a progressive strategy: (i) Fundamental theory behind the physical phenomenon; (ii) Forward system modeling (Digital Twin) that establishes a numerical relationship between the theoretical formulations and optical measurements; (iii) Computational inverse solving of the forward model to estimate object internal states from optical measurements; and (iv) Interdisciplinary applications based on the pipeline.

My goal is to bridge the gap between computing and tangible physical systems, with the aspiration to transcend the limitations imposed by current computational imaging techniques. This endeavor encompasses various facets, notably:

  • Exploring differentiable optical imaging techniques: Developing reconfigurable and co-designed computational imaging systems.

  • Pushing the boundaries of existing imaging modalities: Advancing technologies such as holography, light field imaging, coherent diffraction imaging, ptychography, and microscopy to capture 3D and 4D scenes.

  • Innovating in displays: Pioneering novel approaches like light field displays, holographic displays, and holographic optical elements (HOE) for 3D displays.