Experiment safty, Hazards and controls

Research integrity

Research Integrity means conducting research in such a way that allows others to have confidence and trust in the methods and the findings of the research. It relates both to the scientific integrity of conducted research and to the professional integrity of researchers.

  1. Honesty and fairness in proposing, performing, and reporting research;
  2. Accuracy and fairness in representing contributions to research proposals and reports;
  3. Proficiency and fairness in peer review;
  4. Collegiality in scientific interactions, communications and sharing of resources;
  5. Disclosure of conflicts of interest;
  6. Protection of human subjects in the conduct of research;
  7. Humane care of animals in the conduct of research;
  8. Adherence to the mutual responsibilities of mentors and trainees.”

Equity, diversity and inclusion

We respect Equity, diversity and inclusion